Car Hire 3000 Reviews from Car Hire Search users

  • After this rental was booked we found a cheaper option but there was no possibility of canceling this reservation. Besides that, the rental voucher was received in good time and all instructions were clear and easy to follow. As far as Car Hire 3000 is concerned we have nothing further to add. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Chicago
    Reviewed by Mark Brussel
  • Excellent service. We arrived a couple of hours earlier than we intended and within 10 minutes we had a car and upgraded, so we were very happy and impressed. The lady we dealt with was. Efficient, friendly while still remaining professional. Car was in good, clean condition. Would definately recommend and use again. Thank you #
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Allan
  • A good experience. No delays at the airport and no problems #
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Tim Cheek
  • Car Hire 3000 found a cheap car rental quickly and easily. The car was ready for me on time, and in excellent condition. I will continue to use Car Hire 3000 in the future.

    Just be aware that when you go to pick up your car, you should bring a couple proof of address documents, such as a council tax bill. This was not on the list sent to me by Car Hire 3000 of documents needed to pick up the vehicle, however when I arrived to Thrifty, I found out that a proof of address document is required to pick up the car (fortunately I had brought a couple anyway).
    Car Hire 3000 at Bristol
    Reviewed by Allie
  • I think I was lucky to get a higher class car, as there was no any other at that moment. Introduction was easy and understandable, the closing was also smooth as the person accepting the car was at parking place and we don't need to go anywhere for his search. Car was new, not breaking and not vreating any confusion for me as a driver. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Nice Airport
    Reviewed by Antanas Ursulis
  • I rent a car from Rome Ciampino airport and wanted to leave it at Fumicino airport.
    When I did the booking and the payment the price was 146,47â?¬ and I had mentioned that iwill leave the car at different airport. Nowhere in the voucher was mentioned that I have to pay something extra but from Firefly (rental company) they asked 75â?¬.
    I know that a voucher is a contract between the customer and the provider and both must do what is written in the voucher.
    I want to know what I will pay, especially when I am at a different country.
    Car Hire 3000 at Rome Fiumicino Airport
    Reviewed by Kougis
  • an excellent car hire; efficient, excellent transfer from T5, quick, nice car with low mileage. only praise and will definitely hire again from enterprise. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by stephen cartwright
  • As usual the communcation with and from CH3000 was clear and transparent. No unpleasant or unexpected surprises. For the money I paid I couldn't keep nor drive a private vehicle. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Dublin Airport
    Reviewed by Jan den Ouden
  • The car was ready but it was not as requisted and printed in my the itinery (I requisted 4doors auto transmission and had 2 doors auto transmission)
    the car was of poor performance the gear transmission takes long time for change, when I reported this to the supplier they offered manual transmission and has to be from the pick up location .
    the company rate is 1/5
    Car Hire 3000 at Newcastle Airport
    Reviewed by Dr Jamal S Kamal
  • Had no problems. Cost was a lot less than I have paid with direct rentals.Car was excellent. Was able to use automated system therfore did not need to wait in line for a rep at the desk. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Tampa Airport
    Reviewed by Ivan Macaulay
  • We were met by friendly helpful staff, our car was ready and in excellent condition. full marks, well done. We will use the service again.

    Car Hire 3000 at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by maire
  • Good price efficient service #
    Car Hire 3000 at Stansted Airport
    Reviewed by RG
  • The service from Car Hire 300 was straight forward and problem free. The only points i would make are that the car model received is never the one actually booked and the identity of the car hire firm is not given until the booking is made.

    Europcar was excellant except for a major complaint. The company imposes a policy of providing a full tank of fel on hire periods of 4 days or more . The fuel is expensive and the company charged an unjusifiable 27 euros in addition to the high fuel cost for putting the fuel in the car, which is simply a way of increasing the cost of the car without prior agreement or warning. The company does not allow the custoer to return the car with a full tank and does not give credit for the fuel remaining in the tank and so the customer loses twice.

    I would have given a higher value rating if Europcar didn't carry out this deception to increase the cost fo the car hire.
    Car Hire 3000 at Barcelona Airport
    Reviewed by John Marshall
  • Cheapest car rental possible, but there is a reason. They will try to invalidate your rental so that they keep the money and you have no car. Make sure to have:

    - Drivers licence
    - passport
    - 2 credit cards
    - water bill
    - electricity bill
    - bank statements
    - credit card statements for the two credit cards you are using

    I happened to absolutely luck out that I had all this with me as I was moving!!! How many people carry that around? It was like one thing after the next with regard to them trying to nix the car rental...
    Car Hire 3000 at Bournemouth
    Reviewed by Des Gruntled
  • The company smuggled on an extra surcharge for Winter tyres when we collected the car which was not included in the terms and conditions. There was only a vague comment about "Winterisation" in the t and c and local taxes but not that the customer had to be forced to pay extra. We run up a huge telephone bill trying to get it removed. The Sixt desk and Head Office told us that customers are always complaining that the Car Hire 3000 have not made it clear about extra charges. The car was also dirty inside and we found the previous customer's leather key fob with attached keys under the handbrake after we left the airport and when we attempted to personally return them, there was no one manning the desk in the morning so we were forced to leave them on the driver's seat when we returned the car. No doubt the next customer will find them as the car will probably not be cleaned for them either. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Basel Airport
    Reviewed by rse
  • Everything was ok with Car Hire 3000. I use them for the 3rd or 4th time. However, value rating is not 5 because this time rental had what I consider a hidden cost - I had to purchase a full tank of gas from a rental company and return the car empty. It cost 78 EUR - probably double of what I would pay at the gas station. Plus striving to return empty is a risk - I had to drive near empty tank for the last couple days. What if I would run out of gas somewhere on the mountain? This issue is related to GoldCar rental company in Tenerife. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Tenerife South Airport
    Reviewed by Paul J
  • The only negative comment I have is that when collecting the car from Europcar we were told to return it with a full tank of fuel. When we did so, we were told that we should have brought it back empty; a refund is in hand. The car was clean and ready for collection when we arrived. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by ChristyB
  • Everything was ready, including a free upgrade when we arrived. The car was in good condition and we had no problems with it during our long holiday.
    One thing though was different to what the contract says: the car was not provided full, but only a quarter of a tank full. As you can never quite hit the mark when returning the car, the hire car company usually ends up with more petrol. It being Tunisia though, petrol is cheap.
    Car Hire 3000 at Tunis Airport
    Reviewed by ST
  • Very smooth operation at the Limoges airport end (maybe because this was out of season being November). Short queue (which can sometimes be a problem here), quick dealing with paperwork, no undue pressure to buy additional insurance and the car was fine. It is worth checking for any marks or scratches not shown on the hire documentation and preferably taking a photo or two as evidence (there were no such problems for us this time however). #
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Bob Waring
  • no problems this trip but i once missed my flight , i immediately phoned carhire 3000 who were very sympathetic, i cancelled the car for that trip and reorganised it. they hve always been helpful when ive neede d to query anything #
    Car Hire 3000 at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by elizabeth hunt
  • The company was excellent ,the staff are very nice and helpfull and we had a lovely new car ,no problems at all . #
    Car Hire 3000 at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Seamus flood
  • Was a bit surprised the excess was £900 but, to be honest I didn't read the small print. Anyway, cheapest around, car was great, if I do book another I'll definitely pay for the extra excess insurance. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Middlesbrough
    Reviewed by John A
  • OK #
    Car Hire 3000 at Munich Airport
    Reviewed by Calin
  • It was a positive experience though an email notification with the invoice and booking reference would have helped (rather than clicking on the link and having to print). #
    Car Hire 3000 at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Matthew Kay
  • Very quick and friendly service from Alamo, no queues but it is a small airport! Chevy Captiva in good condition and an excellent choice. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Missoula Airport
    Reviewed by Alan Crompton
  • Very efficient service. Will book through Car Hire 3000 again.
    Car was a bit dirty and had done a lot of miles so although all went well the car could have been cleaner and newer for the money we paid. However the staff on the desk were friendly and efficient
    Car Hire 3000 at Beziers Airport
    Reviewed by Dominic
  • There was quite a long wait at the desk, but after that the process went smoothly. The car was ready but previous scrapes on the vehicle had not been recorded and I had to ask the desk employee to accompany me to make a note of these. She did this promptly, but this was an unnecessary delay. These scrapes should have been noted on computer prior to my pick-up. This is an organisational procedure, which should have been better. On returning the vehicle I asked for it to be examined. which the desk employee willingly did. The staff members I dealt with were pleasant and I experienced no other problems. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Montpellier Airport
    Reviewed by GR
  • Everything went very smoothly even got an upgraded car.
    Car in good condition but smelt of smoke but probably not that unusual for France.
    Excellent value, I will definitely be using you again in the future.
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Andy B
  • due to an emergency I had to return to Australia ealy, I rang the car hire company and explained the situation, they were very helpful and said that I need to contact the company that we booked the car with and request a credit. I did this and got the usual message part of teh contract.
    great customer service as they didnt pay the car company the balance of the deal

    Car Hire 3000 at Belfast City Airport
    Reviewed by Allan Green
  • Great service from Car Hire 3000. Great choice. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Don
  • Everything was fine. Nice new vehicle - VW Polo diesel and used very little fuel. Car had to be returned full of fuel. The provider offers the option of returning it empty in which case you have to purchase the full tank on collection. As the car did 80 miles per gallon we were never going to use all of this so we just topped up prior to returning.
    Car Hire offices are easy to find at Carcassonne airport, had to wait only about 10 minutes to be seen - very small queue.
    Thanks for an east transaction.
    Car Hire 3000 at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Alan WALL
  • all ok except when booking at last minute, it still takes some time to have the order processed and confirmation from the actual car hire company.
    other than that thing were good!
    Car Hire 3000 at Bologna Airport
    Reviewed by Michele Allegri
  • Absolutelyne problems, very easily done #
    Car Hire 3000 at Beziers Airport
    Reviewed by Geoff Stockport
  • I had paid zero excess to car hire 3000 but thrifty
    charged me 54 pounds for 3 days again.I cannot contact car hire 300 by phone outside england because of 0800 lines dont work overseas. my zero excess money is gone....
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by DOCTOR
  • The Car Hire 3000 service was easy to use online, but the telephone service was also excellent. We had to change our booking just 24 hours before it was due to start, and this was done with ease and at no additional cost. The car was great, and the company, Eurocar, easy to deal with. My only quibble is that I requested a manual but received an automatic. That aside, we had a very good experience and would use the service again. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by DJH
  • The whole thing went smotth and nice, we enjoyed. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by M.Rapelli
  • All good, would use again #
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by David
  • The car was only a few weeks old but had a faulty Satnav. It was returned to the Hire Centre but they were unable to provide a replacement car although they did provide a portable sat nav. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Tom C
  • Out standing value for money and out standind service i will be booking again next year #
    Car Hire 3000 at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by sharon miloudi
  • Good service. The car was clean and as requested. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Cagliari Airport
    Reviewed by James
  • The car was almost brand-new (with only 200 miles), clean and in perfect condition. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Edinburgh Airport
    Reviewed by Nicola
  • Everything went well, quickly, without problem. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Newcastle Airport
    Reviewed by GS
  • excellent service, no hidden extras was so refreshing.
    good car, the only criticism is that there was no checking service at car drop off point so to get the all clear was slow
    Car Hire 3000 at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by david newman
  • Great service and value #
    Car Hire 3000 at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by David Cawley
  • Very friendly and helpfull service when collecting car.No problem to report. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Cork Airport
    Reviewed by Thomas McInerney
  • Excellent service and price for a one week hire. No complaints. #
    Car Hire 3000 at La Rochelle Airport
    Reviewed by Mrs T
  • Lovely car , very efficient pick up and drop off , couldn't ask for more thanks you #
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Karl
  • Good experience, good value and ready to book again. Thanks #
    Car Hire 3000 at Dublin Airport
    Reviewed by gustavo
  • The queues at the booking-in service desk took for ages to clear (more than 1 hour). The Hire company's fuel policy of collect car with a full tank, return with an empty tank, this policy financially favours the hirer (I don't like this policy). Stick to: 'collect full, return full' we all know where we are at then. The car provided was in good condition, clean and relatively new, can't complain on that score. The parking/storage bays were difficult to find (better direction instructions could have been provided). #
    Car Hire 3000 at Tenerife South Airport
    Reviewed by Darloboy
  • When I booked I paid for the Car hire + some insurance- Can you tell me what the insurance covered as Europacar insisted that I had was not covered for any damage to the vehicle and I had to pay another £180 apx to cver me for this, Thankyou #
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Ian Armstrong
  • The car was available and in good condition when we arrived. It was also clean. Good job!! #
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Abdul Gapor Zakaria
  • We did not have any problems with the service we received from Car Hire 3000. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Lacauto rentals who provide the car hire at Pisa airport.

    When checking the car before taking it out of the car park, we noticed a number of faults. In addition to a number of new dents, the rearscreen wiper was broken, but was not fixed even though we pointed this out. It would periodically hang like a dog's tail, and wag if we turned it on by accident during our journey. The aerial was also broken, and the attendant simply switched it for a fresh one from another car. That said, neither of these were terrible experiences, just indicative of the service and condition of their cars.

    However, what was bad was the refill fees. We were informed that if we did not return the car fully filled, we would be charged 25 plus fuel. They failed to inform us that the petrol stations on the way back into Pisa were self service, and that the machines did not accept cards. They only accepted cash on a pre-pay basis. We had spent our euro's earlier in the day. We were unable to find an atm to get more. We were only able to add another €5 despite having done several laps of the airport calling at every petrol station to find it was always the same story. My bill for filling up the car with additional 30 litres came to €116. Minus the €25 fee, this works out as €91 for 30 litres, or roughly €3 per litre. This was much higher than any prices we say at the petrol stations. This situation appears to work very well for Lacauto, but not very well for inexperienced tourists.
    Car Hire 3000 at Pisa Airport
    Reviewed by Chris
  • Great service no issues, easy to book and we got exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks! #
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Theo Adamson
  • No Complaints #
    Car Hire 3000 at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by David Cawley
  • Really pleased with the Quashqaidiesel - it was just what we wanted! #
    Car Hire 3000 at Venice Marco Polo Airport
    Reviewed by RT
  • I travel to France regularly and always use this site when booking my hire car. It is easy to use and always comes up with the most competitive prices from across a number of sites - also offers a wide choice of vehicles.Vouchers are always emailed quickly and instuctions are clear and consise.Recommended. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Karen Bush
  • Good car choice, good new car, excellent condition #
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by michele
  • No Problems #
    Car Hire 3000 at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Andre
  • Car ready, not easy to find. Clean inside, dirty outside. Representative not very helpful as we struggled to find the car having been sent in the wrong direction by him twice. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by franco
  • Everything went smoothly; the car was a 2012 VW Polo, clean and ready to go (Avis at West of Ireland Airport, Knock). #
    Car Hire 3000 at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by CRB
  • The car hire company and staff offered a very friendly service. Lovely car. #
    Car Hire 3000 at Leeds Bradford Airport
    Reviewed by Loyola

Car Hire 3000 rated 4/5 based on 61 customer reviews