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  • You couldn't debit my cc so I cancelled the booking and went elsewhere. It would have been good value if it had gone thru. #
    Rental Cars at Luton Airport
    Reviewed by BANNISTER
  • After a few km we got the message on the screen that there was a serious problem with the emission of the car and that the engine would not start anymore after 1100 km. The phone call I gave to the company the same evening was answered by someone without competence. A technician would call me back within 10 minutes, but finally it lasted 3 days before I got the call, saying that I shouldn't worry and could continue driving the car. But driving a car that gives an alarm message about every 30 seconds is not really a pleasant experience. #
    Rental Cars at Bologna Airport
    Reviewed by R. Verhoeven
  • The office was busy when we arrived but the customer service did not suffer, very pleased with service we received. #
    Rental Cars at Edinburgh Airport
    Reviewed by Karen McFarlane
  • I hired the car and was asked to confirm a one way delivery fee. I confirmed by phone and was told to expect an email to allow me to open the voucher using the app. I never received the email. When we arrived at the airport at 6pm to collect the car the service desk was closed and I then had to call the helpdesk in the UK. I was told that the desk was supposed to be opened until 8pm. I then had to hire a car from AVIS...who luckily for me matched the price. I was very dissatisfied with the service and would not be happy to book with ALAMO / ENTERPRISE again #
    Rental Cars at Perpignan Airport
    Reviewed by linda cooper
  • oK #
    Rental Cars at Stansted Airport
    Reviewed by MILNER
  • Excellent service. Car was ready, plus we had a choice of cars too. Friendly, efficient staff #
    Rental Cars at Newcastle Airport
    Reviewed by Sarah Lou
  • Excellent all round service #
    Rental Cars at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by barry richardson
  • Rental cars were ok #
    Rental Cars at Bergerac Airport
    Reviewed by Lesley
  • It was a strange car hire. We received a phone call that the car we were driving had been sold and we would be given a replacement. The replacement Vauxhall was not attractive, with blacked out wheels, and an interior we did not like. It was delivered from Plymouth to Gunnislake, Cornwall. We took it back the next day and traded it for a Peugeot with a diesel motor. Europcar charged us for the 5 litres that was used. #
    Rental Cars at Poole
    Reviewed by CB Small
  • The service from Car rentals was excellent and as expected having used them last year. However the service from Dollar was not so good and I would suggest that Car Rentals monitors this in New York. Dollar staff were extremely rude to customers and left us waiting a long time for cars which in some cases they didn't have. The car, however, was excellent, clean and performed well. #
    Rental Cars at New York JFK Airport
    Reviewed by GeoSan
  • Easy to use website, email communication excellent, did not need to contact rental cars for any reason #
    Rental Cars at Luton Airport
    Reviewed by Steve
  • Nice large car. The main problem was having to wait 70 minutes just to get to the front of the queue on arrival at the car hire centre in Cagliari - there just must be a quicker and more efficient way for cars to be allocated / given out. This long wait was even despite the fact that i went ahead of my family and didn't wait for our bags to arrive before going to the car hire centre. #
    Rental Cars at Cagliari Airport
    Reviewed by Christian
  • I wanted to hire a car for one day to go from Arles train station to Carcassonne Airport. The price of the rental at 90 Euros seemed high but when I placed the order, I was told there was another charge of 75 Euros because the car was not being returned to its original location. Although I was given the opportunity to cancel the order, which I did, it just came across as a scam. I had assumed that my travel plans were sorted only to find out the following morning that they were not. This was highly disruptive and cause me to lose half a day. The system should have at the very least told me of the extra cost BEFORE placing the order.

    Rental Cars themselves were very helpful over the phone. However, I suggest they review their arrangements with their car hire providers to avoid this kind of problem. At the end of the day, this will reflect poorly on them as well.
    Rental Cars at Arles
    Reviewed by Richard Brown
  • All very good. Everything from start to finish was carried out properly and the car was excellent. #
    Rental Cars at Pisa Airport
    Reviewed by james harrison
  • I hate the way that car hire Company's block value on your credit card " to cover their costs etc" this lot are no different, its between 250 and 850 Euros depending on whether you take the super insurance, we did, and it cost more than the car hire ! The actual car was great, upgraded to a Megane auto from a 208, the guys were friendly and helpful and I would be happy to use them again #
    Rental Cars at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Mike F
  • V good #
    Rental Cars at Nice Airport
    Reviewed by Phil withers
  • Long way from arrivals and not sign posted as Enterprise are not operating from the same premises as other operators. #
    Rental Cars at Bristol Airport
    Reviewed by MFR
  • Hassle free experience, the car rental provider was also very pleasent to deal with.
    The car was great value , brand new with only 500km on the clock.
    Rental Cars at Siracusa
    Reviewed by Derrick
  • When we arrived we were offered a car that had a dirty driver's seat (chocolate or something similar), when we complained, they changed the car over but that car was not particularly clean on the outside and the petrol tank was not full as indicated on the paperwork, so not too impressed. #
    Rental Cars at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by GPC
  • Avoid Gold Car in Bergamo Airport. They do not want the business from Rental Cars. This is the second time I have problems with Gold Car in Bergamo Airport. First time they asked me for 1600 euro deposit and were very rude when I asked them for inyernet connection to transfer additional funds to my card. Sevond time the same office refused my car booking because I guaranteed with a debit card - with enough money - instead of a credit card. Although it was the same debit card from previous booking. Car rentals helped me on the spot and changed my booking to Sicily by Car. With a significantly bigger rate, but only 450 euro deposit. #
    Rental Cars at Bergamo Airport
    Reviewed by Calin
  • Excellent service provided by desk staff. The car was clean, a new model and ideal for our family of five. Very economical to run, easy to drive and felt very safe.
    An all round good experience; I will have no hesitation in booking with this company again.
    Rental Cars at Nantes Airport
    Reviewed by Jonathan Le Vine
  • We had to wait for our vehicle to be cleaned. Vehicle had considerable damage on it and was not very well cleaned. No explanation given on additional charges being made and I am still waiting clarification from my Bank on them. We would have benefited from having something describing the features on the vehicle. We were still discovering them on a trial and error basis on the way back to return the vehicle. While I would rent from Alamo again as I have done in the past, I would not use this location again. #
    Rental Cars at Southampton
    Reviewed by Alumrockere
  • Car Hire was with Green Motion, they require a copy of your passport as well as driving licence. This was not on the information sent out by Rental Cars. Luckily I got away with it! #
    Rental Cars at Bristol Airport
    Reviewed by Alan
  • Ready And in very good condition #
    Rental Cars at Manchester Airport
    Reviewed by Mj
  • car was ready , in a good condition
    ad sixtg_ yes, quite ok:)
    Rental Cars at Barcelona Airport
    Reviewed by Petra Fornayova
  • Everything was as it should be. #
    Rental Cars at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Domas
  • good service #
    Rental Cars at Bristol Airport
    Reviewed by breda o connor
  • Great car, almost brand new, had absolutely no issues whatsoever and the staff were very courteous and helpful. #
    Rental Cars at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Kris Wood
  • Efficient service at desk and in car park on return of vehicle. Vehicle ready, almost new, clean and faultless.

    Very satisfied with the hirer, but feel that the charge for child seat/ booster cushion is excessive.
    Rental Cars at Munich Airport
    Reviewed by Robert
  • The car was not ready when we arrived and as usual they said it was being washed but as I was going to complain they provided the car immediately but not washed. Above all the service we received from Enterprise was excellent.
    Thank you.
    Rental Cars at Dublin Airport
    Reviewed by Carmel Sultana
  • I was happy with the overall car hire experience. The Firefly desk was in the same location as the other major car rental companies (not offsite, and not requiring a bus ride to get to the car). The staff were friendly and helpfull. I have no complaints with the service. #
    Rental Cars at Gatwick Airport
    Reviewed by Mark
  • Excellent price but I found a nonsense the politic of no hire from people under 25 with a surcharge. I'm not going to hire a car here again until this changes #
    Rental Cars at Edinburgh Airport
    Reviewed by David Alcaraz Garcia
  • It was all goof until I got to the pick up desk and they only accepted chip and pin deposits using a credit card and consequently they forced me to take out there full insurance cover which doubled the price of the car for me. #
    Rental Cars at Belfast International Airport
    Reviewed by Thomas Shorten
  • Car was better then expected #
    Rental Cars at Munich Airport
    Reviewed by Marko
  • Excellent car hire engine. #
    Rental Cars at Bergamo Airport
    Reviewed by Calin Huidu
  • Everything was fine #
    Rental Cars at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Bojana
  • All was good Thanks #
    Rental Cars at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Andrew Pace
  • The car was ready when I arrived at the desk. The vehicle was in a very good condition. I rate the company , I collected the car from (AVIS-BUDGET) 4/5. #
    Rental Cars at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by I.L.
  • All in all, very satisfactory.
    Acceptable diesel Vauxhall Corsa, no follow on charges.
    Bit of a hunt in the rain for the car in the carpark.
    What was identified in the condition survey as a scratch on the rear bumper was a split. Returned to desk to have the condition survey updated.

    Rental Cars at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Nigel Ward
  • I got my car from Locauto at Treviso airport in Italy. The car itself was brilliant - almost brand new, nicely valeted and free of any scratches or dents. We were utterly dismayed to find no one to greet us at the drop-off desk when we returned the car eight days later. There was just a written note instructing us to drop the keys into a whole on the front desk and a number to call in case of any queries - all this was written in Italian which I could, luckily, understand. We very much wanted someone from the company to inspect the car in our presence in order to ascertain that it had sustained no damage throughout the rental period, knowing full well how difficult it is to prove the contrary when you're not there. All in all, a happy experience somewhat marred by the way it ended. #
    Rental Cars at Treviso Airport
    Reviewed by Victor Ceci
  • The car supplied by 'enterprise' was an Audi 3 and had only ran for circa 5,000k. The service at the desk was reasonable but not quick.
    The car was ready and slightly more sophisticated than I had previously driven and I was uncertain about the brake controls and no one was available to advise. The hand book was entirely in German which did not help.
    The car was clean and proved to be pleasant to drive. I had to pay extra 40 euros as I intended to take the car over the border into Austria, which was a surprise, although I was aware of having to pay a small Austrian 'road tax', at the first visit. Most of the circa 490k that I drove was in Germany.
    The car return is very easy at Munich Airport and the 'checker' said that the returned car was 'all in order'. I certainly had no problems and at present have no complaints regarding any part of the hire but just (at least once) be supplied with a GOLF, as requested.
    Rental Cars at Munich Airport
    Reviewed by Cornelius Don
  • Dealt with promptly
    Reasonable price
    Rental Cars at Faro Airport
    Reviewed by Chrisdj
  • The staff on both pick up and drop off were helpful. The car which we originally requested was not available but an alternative was provided. #
    Rental Cars at La Rochelle Airport
    Reviewed by Eoin Coffey
  • Everything was very easy and the car was better than I expected. Perfect all round service. Thank you. #
    Rental Cars at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Julian rylance
  • Good service #
    Rental Cars at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Steve
  • Absolutely appalling service. Led me to believe I had booked a car then informed me after I had gone on to book and pay for my hotel and flights that no car was available. As a consequence I had to re book with an alternative company or be left stranded at the airport. Was offered a car the day before and the day after my flight. What good is that!!!! Was told that car rental companies were closed on my day of arrival due to a bank holiday. They were all open and I collected a car from Hertz as originally booked with this company. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!!!!! #
    Rental Cars at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Stuart Lewis
  • Excellent service very helpful #
    Rental Cars at Southampton Airport
    Reviewed by Sully
  • The car was ready, everything was OK. #
    Rental Cars at Keflavik Airport
    Reviewed by Svanbjörg Sverrisdóttir
  • Everything was as we expected. Very efficient. #
    Rental Cars at Luton Airport
    Reviewed by Stephen Cackett
  • The whole experience was most satisfactory - through booking, collection and return. At Carcassonne probably both processes together took less than 10 minutes. The gentleman dealing with our booking was courteous and helpful and gave us an upgraded vehicle which was a pleasant surprise. The car was virtually brand new and the interior was in immaculate condition however we were advised that a previous customer had unfortunately left some some superficial scrapes down one side. We decided not to add to them! And those who have used the car hire compound at Carcassonne airport (especially in the rain) will recognise a comparison to the typical conditions at the Glastonbury Festival. #
    Rental Cars at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Michael
  • Everything worked very well, the organization was excellent. The car was very easy to drive and we were given a lift back to the station. Very satisfactory, even the weather was wonderful #
    Rental Cars at Basingstoke
    Reviewed by Anne
  • Car was not ready when I arrived at the car rental desk, but they got it ready quickly. It was rather underpowered (a Skoda Citigo) and underequipped (no cruise control) compared to other cars I have rented recently at similar prices. #
    Rental Cars at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Rowan
  • good customer service
    however hyunday is not a good car maker
    car is weak and poor quality
    better to offer better carmakers: volkswagen, vauxhaul, honda, nissan, mitsubishi
    Rental Cars at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by ERS
  • I did need to contact them to increase the rental time by two days, this was dealt with efficiently. The rental voucher arrived promptly and I collected the car without problems.
    The car was ready and in good condition with instructions concerning the controls, this was the first time I had been given any instructions and found them very helpful
    Rental Cars at Bristol Airport
    Reviewed by R K Kendal
  • Very happy with the car even though was told at the desk that the car had NO scratches or marks on it.
    Went out an photographed 7 seperate marks and scratches
    Rental Cars at Inverness Airport
    Reviewed by Ian

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