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Car Hire with Sat Nav

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If you need a Sat Nav with your hire car the units are often rentable on a per day basis and can be arranged when you collect your vehicle, or when you book if the option is available.

Charges vary between supplier but you can expect to pay between £4 and £8 per day.

Car Hire England

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Car Hire in England is dominated by the large car hire companies such as Avis, Europcar, Alamo, National, Hertz and Sixt.

There are also a number of large car hire brokers based in England who offer rates from a range of suppliers. The prominent car hire brokers in England are Holiday Autos, Car Hire 3000 and Auto Europe.

If you are hiring a car in England and are new to the country then it is worth reading Driving in Great Britain (GB) as a visitor or a new resident as provided by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

What is a One Way Fee?

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A one way fee is a charge levied by car hire companies when you pick up your rental car at one location and drop off at a different depot. The fee is a fixed fee and does not vary on the distance the depots are from each other.

The fee is charged to cover to cost of the car hire company returning the car to its original location (if necessary). Usually, one way fees are charged locally and are around £25-50 depending on the rental company.

Can I hire a car if I have points on my license?

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If you have penalty points on your license then you are still able to hire a car/van.

All the car hire companies stipulate is that your license is valid, i.e you have not been banned from driving as a result of any motoring offences. This is why they request your driving license card AND the paper part of your license before they will release the car.

Young Driver Car Hire

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If you are between the age of 18 – 25 you may incur extra charges when hiring a car due to the perceived increase in risk which means a higher insurance cost for the car hire company.

If you are a young driver renting a car be sure to check the terms and conditions of rental before making your reservation. Often, young drivers are changed a per day supplement on the quoted rental charge (e.g an extra £2 per day). This is often capped to a certain level so the longer you are hiring the more cost effective it becomes. The charges are usually payable locally which means you pay them when you collect the car.

You will also need to have held your driving license for at least one year.

Ford Ka Car Hire

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The Ford Ka is classified by the car hire companies as a budget class vehicle and is a good option for couples with luggage, parties of 4 with minimal luggage and families of 2 adults and 2 children.

Being a budget class car the Ford Ka is often the one or the cheaper vehicles when you are looking for a hire car but if you have a lot of luggage bear in mind that boot space is limited and it may be worth considering an economy class vehicle.

Collecting your rental car – things to check

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When collecting your hire car be sure to bring:

  • The credit card you used to book the vehicle
  • Driving licence – card and accompanying paper part
  • Printed or digital copy of your voucher
  • Once you have the keys for the car be sure to check the vehicle over before driving away to ensure any scrapes, dents or defects are logged on the paper work so you are not liable for them when you return the vehicle. It is also worth taking a few photos for reference if you have a camera phone handy just to be sure.

    Upon leaving the car rental depot note any nearby fuel stations should you need to return the car with a full tank when you hand it back over.

    Why do car hire companies ask for your flight no when booking?

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    When booking a hire car for pickup from an airport location you will often be asked for your flight number when you make the reservation. This should be in the format


    Where AA is the code for your airline and 123 is the flight. The flight number can be found on your airline ticket. Your flight number does not contain any spaces.

    The reason car hire companies require this number is so they can make the appropriate arrangements should your flight be delayed.

    Car Hire Different Return Location

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    If you want to drop your hire car to a different location to where you pick it up, this is known as a ‘one way’ rental.

    Often, a charge will be incurred for a one way rental to cover the cost of the car been returned to the depot you collected it from (each depot is assigned its own fleet). Be sure to check the terms & conditions of rental at the time of booking if you intend to hire a car on a one way basis as the fee will be specified within the T&C’s.

    Paying for a Full Tank of Fuel

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    If your car hire has a pickup full/return empty policy the car hire company will charge you for the cost of the full tank.

    When you collect the vehicle it will come with a full of fuel, before leaving the car hire depot it is worth making a note of the mileage so you can calculate how many miles you will get out of a full tank. Also, keep an eye out for any fuel stations on your route so you can aim to return the car with as little fuel as possible – minimising your fuel costs. The car hire company will not refund you if you return the car with any excess fuel.