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Purchasing a Zero Excess Policy Before Collecting Your Hire Car

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If you have purchased a ‘zero excess’ insurance policy before collecting your hire car you do not need to purchase any additional insurances at the car hire desk.

Car rental staff are often incentivised to up sell insurance policies to customers collecting their vehicle and we have had reports from Car Hire Search customers that the advice offered can sometimes be misleading. No matter what you are told your zero excess policy is valid. Should you damage the vehicle and an insurance claim is made you will be charged by the car hire company for the excess amount which will then be reimbursed to you by your zero excess insurer.

Hiring a Car in Poland – Headlights

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If you are driving in Poland between the months of October and February dipped headlights must be used at all times. You may not be made aware of this when you collect your hire car so please be sure to keep your lights on otherwise you may be pulled over by Polish Police.

What is a Car Hire Voucher?

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When a car hire company refers to your ‘voucher’ they are referring to the paperwork required for you to collect the vehicle. This should have been provided to you by the company you booked your vehicle with.

The voucher will contain details of where to collect your vehicle from along with the terms and conditions of rental. It is not always essential to have your voucher with you but you are advised to print a version prior to travelling to ensure smooth collection of your rental car.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

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There are very few, if any these days, suppliers who will let you rent a car without a credit card to secure a deposit against. A debit card will not do, the supplier stipulate it must be a credit card.

Its also worth noting that the card must be in the name of the main driver. For example, if you are driving the vehicle yourself you cannot use the credit card of a spouse.

In short, if you wish to hire a car you are going to need a credit card in your name.

Car Hire Fuel Policies

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When hiring a car the vehicle will have one of two fuel policies, they are:

Return Full

This is our favourite fuel policy! You collect the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and return it full. This means you can pay for your own fuel at whichever fuel station you choose (although you will most likely have to top up at the fuel station closest to the car hire drop off point unless you are carrying a jerry can). Should you return the vehicle without a full tank you will usually per charged at a rate determined by the car hire company.

Return Empty

With a return empty policy you are charged for a full tank of fuel by the hire company (usually at a slightly inflated rate) and return the car empty. Of course, it is quite tricky to return the car with a nearly empty full tank so often it is returned with fuel on board which is a bonus for the hire company as they get ‘free’ fuel back. Often when you see a cheap car hire rate the car will have a return empty policy to counteract the discounted price.

Additional Driver Waiver

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An additional driver waiver is when the car hire company effectively offers you an additional driver on your rental vehicle for free. It is known as a ‘waiver’ as they are waiving the usual charge that they would levy for an additional driver being added to your rental policy.

You will encounter the term ‘waiver’ primarily with rentals in the US and Canada. In europe it will usually be described as ‘Free Additional Driver’

Car Hire in Euros

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Here at Car Hire Search we are able to provide quotes in Euros as well as GBP and US Dollars.

To obtain a quote in Euros select the ‘Euro’ option from the currency option on the search form found on the Car Hire Search homepage. Should you proceed to make a reservation with one of our Euro currency suppliers your card will be charged the exact Euro amount at quote time, no GBP to Euro currency conversion will be applied.

What is a One Way Charge?

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A one way charge is levied when you collect your hire car from one destination and drop it off at a different depot. The fee is often fixed and does not depend on the distance between each depot.

Fees are usually between £30-£50 and can be found in the terms and conditions of rental.

What is an Additional Driver?

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When you hire a car the vehicle is insured in the name of the person who paid for a vehicle. However, often people are not travelling alone and share the driving responsibilities with another member of their travelling party.

If another person is to be driving the hire car in addition to the named driver, they are added to the insurance by the car hire company as an additional driver. In the majority of cases there is a charge for adding an additional driver to your rental but it can in some cases be free. Check the terms and conditional of rental before hiring to see if a charge is to be levied.