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Alamo Gold in the USA

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Alamo operate an Alamo Gold policy in the USA which is essentially an extras package offering:

  • Full to empty fuel policy
  • 3 free additional drivers


Before taking out the Alamo Gold policy first calculate how much it is costing your for the duration of your rental. The car hire desk will often quote a ‘per day’ price to make the policy seem cheaper than it is. You will also need to be aware of the fuel policy if you do not take out the Alamo Gold cover. For example a lot of Alamo vehicles have a full/full fuel policy as standard which means you simply return the vehicle with a full tank when you return it. If you are not expecting to use a full tank of fuel, that would be the best fuel option to take. However if you are driving long distances and sharing the driving, the Alamo Gold policy may prove worthwhile.