Holiday Autos Reviews from Car Hire Search users

  • The car was ready, what we were expecting, clean and in great condition. We received friendly service at the desk, #
    Holiday Autos at Norwich Airport
    Reviewed by Brett H
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by ALAN BREMNER
  • Both staff that I encountered at the Enterprise/Alamo desk ( one at pickup, one at drop-off) were friendly, courteous and helpful. The car was ready, and quite near the office. I was off the plane, in the car and on my way within 20 minutes. They phoned me the day after pickup to check everything was OK with the car- something I have only experienced with Enterprise/Alamo. I would certainly hire from them again. #
    Holiday Autos at Perpignan Airport
    Reviewed by PL
  • I had asked for a Fiat 500 but what we got was an Opel! But there were Fiat 500s parked up so I don't know why we weren't given one. So that was a disappointment. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Thermalking
  • Vehicle was near new and in excellent condition inside and out. #
    Holiday Autos at Dublin Airport
    Reviewed by KB
  • easy booking, great price, 0 hassle #
    Holiday Autos at Dublin
    Reviewed by GUSTAVO
  • Europcar's service was very good and we'll be glad to use them again on our next trip to the West of Ireland. The only niggle was that a recent previous hirer or passenger seemed to have been a smoker. #
    Holiday Autos at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by Christy B
  • Good #
    Holiday Autos at Munich Airport
    Reviewed by ihod
  • Nothing wrong with Holiday Autos. Unless we receive adequate compensation from First Sixt for risking our lives etc. etc. we shall be in touch. Firstly, tried to fob us off with small saloon l when we had booked a five door hatchback. Eventually hatchback produced. 10 miles from the airport when we were in the middle lane of the motorway car started to judder and came to a grinding halt with smoke pouring out from the bonnet.. We were terrified but traffic drove past in near and outside lanes. Then some people came and pushed us to the verge. Then traffic pol;ice arrived. Called back to First office at once Said they would send a tow truck. After 3 hours it arrived towing a small saloon car.! This we had to drive back to the airport. where another hatch back supplied. We did not reach Hazyview until 8 p.m. First Sixt have registered our complaint.. No response yet. #
    Holiday Autos at Johannesburg Airport
    Reviewed by A.J. Hawthorn
  • All went smoothly. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by D L
  • efficient , easy service #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by infrequent reviewer
  • Excellent service #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by sb
  • Holiday autos provided me with a decent car at the best price . Thats exactly what i wanted.
    Many thanks
    Holiday Autos at Bristol Airport
    Reviewed by SamT
  • Holiday Autos were excellent, but unfortunately I wouldn't recommend the rental company (InterRent). The check in was slow, and whilst the car was fantastic, we returned the vehicle on a Sunday. There was never any mention of their offices being closed on a Sunday, so we turned up to find no obvious place to leave the car or key, and no shuttle bus to the terminal. #
    Holiday Autos at Birmingham Airport
    Reviewed by Nik
  • The car was ready, clean and minimal waiting. In short, Europcar staff both in the terminal, and in the car park, were excellent. #
    Holiday Autos at Milan Linate Airport
    Reviewed by Roberto
  • Called holiday autos office to clarify excess cover insurance, left number with operstor, never recieved call back, read insurance policy throughly understood it to include insurance for vehicle, but none was inclided, bery misleading, #
    Holiday Autos at Antibes
    Reviewed by sean weeks
  • Very easy to deal with
    I will definitely return here for car hire
    Thank you
    Holiday Autos at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by Jacqueline Syron
  • Everything was good - the guy was there to meet us at the airport, explained everything to us, car clean and ready. Again, promptly waiting for us on return. Just a small point: It would have been good to know that we should have the car lights on even during the day in Poland. #
    Holiday Autos at Gdansk Airport
    Reviewed by Lucy
  • Service was excellent. I didn't book until the day before, and a lot of the companies I looked at were very expensive, Holiday Autos hadn't increased the prices. I usually buy the extra insurance separately as it's always normally expensive from a carhire firm, but Holiday Autos price was reasonable, so also booked that with them. Email confirmation received immediately, and no problems with the provider of the vehicle. It was easy to find at the airport, and they were efficient and friendly. Got a slight upgrade in car which was nice, so all in all, a good service. You hear so many horror stories about car hire abroad, with people being ripped off, that it's good not to be in that position. #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by J H
  • Good Value.All correspondence was timely. The car was actually not Full of fuel on pick up. Gauge registered 7/8. I returned to the desk and they flagged it up and I returned it as close to what it was 7/8. But I did travel over 150km and it still said full on return i.e 8/8 so who knows whether you really ever get a full tank. This would not make any difference to my top rating for these Guys. Just be aware! #
    Holiday Autos at La Rochelle Airport
    Reviewed by Richard J
  • Fire Fly at Toulose (booked through Holiday Auto's) 1) You are not told the car hire place is not situated inside the airport so you need to drag your family and cases the 5/10 min walk in the heat. Not ideal.
    2) Waiting time was ridiculous, nearly an hour.
    3) Car supplied had air con not working - in 35C again not quality checked beforehand.
    4) All in all it took over 3 hours to get sorted and on our way.

    Although the people on the desk were friendly/efficient - the overall service was not.
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Andrew Dugdale
  • All went smoothly and efficiently; and the car was clean and excellent in every way. No problems. Overall, a good experience.

    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by David Kidner
  • Holiday Autos are one of the worst companies I have ever had the misfortune of using!... their prices are so great that as a regular hire car user I have been tempted by them 3 times in the last 2 years. On every occasion the experience has been unbelievibly poor in every single aspect of the companies operations.

    My first experience using them was from Sienna airport it became apparent that the hire car place was no where near the airport, there were no signs to it and not speaking any italian I was unable to find it. Calling Holiday Autos proved next to useless as they also did not know where it was either - eventually I found it with the help of one of the 'real' hire car places. Now 2 hours late for my meeting I then discovered that they had not been told of the GPS I had requested via Holiday Autos and so I had to use my iphone at vast cost to get to my destination.

    My second experience, using them from Ankara airport, resulted in us waiting 3 hours to be picked up by some random stranger in front of the airport to be driven to a Shell petrol station forecourt where we were introduced to our car - no check in place and again they had not been informed of the GPS request - Calling Holiday Auto's to provide us with some backup to ensure we recieved the GPS we had already paid Holiday Autos for proved useless with them quickly telling us that they could not be responsible for the hire car companies actions. We were left having to pay the local company for a GPS we had already bought.

    Having sworn never to use them again I was tempted back when traveling from Vienna airport as their hire car partner was actually based in the airport (the very pleasant Mega Drive) - what could go wrong I thought! I arrived to find that Holiday Autos had taken payment from my card twice (I had never been made aware that they had taken my money and wonder if they ever would have told me had I not contacted them). As a result their computer system had got confused and had not sent the voucher to the hire car company so the car could not be released. After several angry calls with them dodging responsibility and saying they could not get the vouher to the company until tomorrow even thought i was on a 1 day hire! they emailed it over (first to the wrong address as they didn't have the correct one on their system). In the meatime I had racked up a load of expense on mobile phone calls to them and had eaten expensive airport food whilst waiting for them to get the voucher over. now 3 hours late I was left with a 45minute meeting time before having to return back to the airport for my flight.

    I can simply not understand what can be so complex about setting up hire car reservations but one thing is for sure that Holiday Auto's are the last people to have mastered the art - one word describes them and their operations - pathetic.

    If like me you simply can't resist their prices, remember to factor in the cost of extra gps's, taxi journerys, international roaming charge, unforseen subsistence and extensive delays before comparing them to the prices from a 'real' hire car company.

    PS - I given them 1/5 here simply because there is no option for 0/5 which is actually what they deserve
    Holiday Autos at Vienna Airport
    Reviewed by Benjamin Peak
  • Standard rental #
    Holiday Autos at Barcelona Airport
    Reviewed by Cgb
  • The provider of the vehicle (Citer) were not very friendly and not very efficient;
    - they originally saiud because our flight was 5 hours late and we hadn't contacted them they couldn't guarantee us the car we had booked. We booked a 7 seater Galaxy as there were 6 of us. However they did provide a Galaxy without any hassle so why make it a point of discussion. There was no where obvious where it said they needed to be advised of a delay in order to secure the car.
    - They pre-populated the documentation I had to complete therefore making me have to ask questions about all the things I had "declined". There was no explanation about what insurance was included in order to ensure we had everything covered.
    - They didn't provide a check of the car with us upon collection to review the car for any damages which leaves the issue of any damage which is discovered after we have returned the car to them and returned home very contentious.
    All in all poor service and support from the provider.

    I would rate them 1/5 using your scale above. we are unlikely to use this option again unless it is with a different provider. This is a pity as Holiday Auto's were good value and professional.
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Gary Brownhill
  • All great. Very efficient and friendly and would definitely use again #
    Holiday Autos at Zurich Airport
    Reviewed by Rik
  • The service was excellent via Enterprise and the Hyundai i10 was an ideal car four our needs. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by David Baron
  • Overall the service was good but was worried by the statement stamped on the contract at La Rochelle airport that there was a cleaning fee of â?¬80 on car return. Wasn't sure if I had to pay this or not on car return.
    Made sure it was as clean as possible when I returned the car then spoke to the assisstant about it worried I was going to get charged.
    I asked the question about charge and she said - is it clean - I said yes she said fine!
    So happy - i think assuming no hidden charges will hit my credit card.
    Holiday Autos at La Rochelle Airport
    Reviewed by Gwyn Davies
  • Yes.
    Yes, brand new car.
    V. good.
    Holiday Autos at Manchester Airport
    Reviewed by SRJ
  • Started well, then on return no one to receive the car, and after advert said all costs included, including local tax etc, I get charged another £125, no understandable expaination. Car was returned full of fuel, no damage of any kind, clean and ready to go. Hire company was Sixt, I have used them direct before and had no problem, so why this hidden cost of £125??? say's to me go direct to hire company, get all the info up front, dont be robbed!! #
    Holiday Autos at Pisa Airport
    Reviewed by C Reed
  • Excellent trouble free rental. Car was Economy Group and I got a decent car - not the same with all rental companies!
    Car clean, staff efficient and helpful, return swift. No messing about!
    Holiday Autos at Wolverhampton
    Reviewed by MJ Ross
  • From picking up to dropping off everything went smoothly and the car was pretty good too. #
    Holiday Autos at Middlesbrough
    Reviewed by CARL SNOWBALL
  • Following the booking I found it very difficult to identify the name of the hire company. all I could find with my confirmation was was just car rental Buckingham avenue in slough. I had to call someone who could actually tell me who the rental was being provided by. I also think there needs to be better communication between the brokers and the rental company as I only had a car as abstroke of luck be ause somebody had cancelled their booking. Europacar had no stock left and if this cancellation had not occurred I would of traveller all the way there only to be turned away. I was informed that this is a problem and if I had experienced it I would of been in a very difficult position.
    You have a great website and it was very easy to follow but I would raise concerns about the relationship between broker and rental co. as well as once a transaction is completed it needs to be clearer who and where your actually picking the rental up for.
    Holiday Autos at Slough
    Reviewed by Paul Spencer
  • Assuming no extra charges all was smooth and worked well #
    Holiday Autos at Gatwick Airport
    Reviewed by Steve lee
  • Car was available as requested - was able to defer pick up for an hour to fit in some shopping.
    One minor concern - the tyre pressue warning light was lit - didn't know what this was, initially, because there was no handbook in the car, only a one page summary of controls.

    The tyres were pressured to 40psi, but the recommended pressure in the fuel cap was 28psi.
    Holiday Autos at Edinburgh Waverly Train Station
    Reviewed by Ian Robertson
  • When I completed the online reservation I got a message saying my booking was confirmed.

    1 day later I received an email saying that it was NOT confirmed due to unavailability and that if I did not contact them then the "booking" would be cancelled.

    I totally lost confidence in the company and so booked with somebody else.

    Each day for the next 3 days I received unwanted telephone calls at 7am from an Indian call center trying to pressure me into booking. Twice I was told my credit card would be charged if for the original booking if I did not rebook at a higher rate.

    Extremely poor experience that felt like a bait and switch scam.

    Holiday Autos at Bournemouth Airport
    Reviewed by Steven Mason
  • No problems with Holiday Autos, dealings were very prompt.
    All car hire companies are expensive, especially once you add the insurance, this one was very average. Apart from that the experience with Europacar and the car was good.
    Holiday Autos at Bournemouth Airport
    Reviewed by G.H
  • Highly recommended, very happy with the whole package, hope to use holiday autos next year, regards andy benger..... #
    Holiday Autos at Malaga Airport
    Reviewed by andy benger
  • I rented the car through Holiday Autos, but they forgot to say, that you have to bring a bill with your name and address on it, and it needs to be a bank bill. It was written NOWHERE and I wasted 2 hours to go home and get it. It was terrible. Make sure you ring the car rental company before going down to ask for details what is needed to rent that car, because these brokers just dont care. #
    Holiday Autos at London Putney
    Reviewed by Daniel
  • Holiday Autos service was great, good value for money and documentation was sent promptly.

    Car had not been cleaned before we picked it up however - dirty on the outside and smelt like cigarettes on the inside.

    Oil light came on after only 1 day of driving, clearly oil level had not been checked for a while.

    The car company did re-imburse us for the cost of the oil that was purchased whilst travelling.
    Holiday Autos at Paris Gare du Nord
    Reviewed by Tourist
  • Always a good experience hiring from this company. Simple to understand pricing, good condition cars, friendly staff and also hire is available when I want the vehicles - rather than at the convenience of the staff and their erattic working hours.
    I keep returning!
    Holiday Autos at Stansted Airport
    Reviewed by Tigprincess
  • Car was ready on arrival
    Difficult to find the car allocater as they were on 3rd floor of car park (no instructions on were to meet)
    the car rental company tookk 100 euro deposit (as per other companies) difference is that this company actually took the money from my account, wereas other companies do not, only if requred due to issues with T&Cs ?? Not very happy about this as now I have to contact them to find out if they are going to refund?
    You Carhire need to sort these issues out before we hire!!!!
    Holiday Autos at Almeria Airport
    Reviewed by reno
  • Everything went smoothly, reccomended to all. #
    Holiday Autos at Coventry
    Reviewed by A A
  • Car was ready. Free upgrade. Good service at the airport. #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by lloyd edwards
  • The car was ready on arrival, the vehicle as good as expected but the real bonus was the excellent service and efficency of the French member of staff of the car rental company and more than happy to use this company again and recommend. #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Andrew
  • Everything went very smoothly. The car was excellent. However, we were a bit shocked by the fee for drop off at a different location. This was not disclosed beforehand, which would have been helpful. #
    Holiday Autos at Vancouver Airport
    Reviewed by Tim bennett
  • Price was cheaper than if I'd booked the car directly with the provider (Europcar). Handed over the voucher with no probs. Nothing more to say. Dead simple. Definitely recommended! #
    Holiday Autos at Nice Airport
    Reviewed by Brett
  • Email communication was prompt and had our voucher sent through quickly. Apart from that, we didn't have any contact with Holiday Autos itself so cannot really comment on their customer service. #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by MB
  • Everything fell in to place as required. Car was ready, staff were curteous and the car itself was clean and as requested #
    Holiday Autos at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by GS
  • When i arrived at the airport, the car i booked wasn't available and had to pay twice as much afor a car - i will never use Holiday Autos again. #
    Holiday Autos at Nice Airport
    Reviewed by Iain Smallridge
  • The experience with National Citerl at carcassonne was a good one. The pick up process was easy, the counter staff were bi-lingual, but we made the effort with our pidgeon french. The neccessary details were made plain, including returning the car witha full tank. We had a Citroen Picccasso, which was a great little car for 4. the only problem was the lack of a First Aid kit, and a breathalyzer, which are both mandatory in France. We made sure the Tank was full on return, and the dropping off process was equally simple.
    We would use National Citer again at Carcassonne, and would also use the Excess Waiver insurance which we took out prior to travelling.
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Andrew Dear
  • horrible experience, for the first time with holiday autos who have always been good in the past. they didn't reconfirm that a car was available until long after my pickup time, and after i'd already sent them an email saying i had no choice other than to cancel (because i needed a car when i said i did, i.e. hours before their confirmation came in). i ended up paying a much higher price than they had quoted. #
    Holiday Autos at Palermo Airport
    Reviewed by yehudah cohn
  • I arrived earlier than booked and it took some time to make contact with company even though the office was supposed to be open. But after that everything was excellent. #
    Holiday Autos at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by JudithRL
  • Staff very friendly but car was not ready. #
    Holiday Autos at Middlesbrough
    Reviewed by Pauline Johnson
  • Good prompt service, easy to collect and leave vehicle.

    Friendly staff and value for money as well.

    I also like the fact that the opening hours for collection and leaving are compatible with the arrivals of flights - some other car hire firms are shut whilst flights are still arriving at airports - not a factor I like to take into consideration when booking car hire.

    Vehicle in good condition.
    Holiday Autos at Stansted Airport
    Reviewed by tigprincess
  • We were very pleased with the service and the car was comfortable, delivered clean and tidy.

    Thank you
    Holiday Autos at Glasgow Airport
    Reviewed by GRS
  • Car was fine and no problems but inside of windscreen was really dirty. Made driving in rain/dark very difficult. Other than that, good. #
    Holiday Autos at Stansted Airport
    Reviewed by N I.
  • I left my camera in the car when I returned it and your agent managed to retrieve it and send it to me in London. I was most impressed by and grateful for her helpfulness and efficiency. #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Anonymous
  • Awful as there was no car. I had to phone Right Cars and was told there was an unspecified problem. Do not use this unreliable company #
    Holiday Autos at Athens Airport
    Reviewed by Dave
  • Awful as there was no car. I had to phone Right Cars and was told there was an unspecified problem. Do not use this unreliable company #
    Holiday Autos at Athens Airport
    Reviewed by Dave
  • No Complaints #
    Holiday Autos at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by David Cawley
  • add ons a bit excessive but otherwise a good service
    Holiday Autos at Stansted Airport
    Reviewed by sue stott
  • There was an issue with the one-way fee payment, but it was delat with in a friendly and efficient manner. #
    Holiday Autos at Stansted Airport
    Reviewed by Daniel Lynch
  • I booked a "Premium Convertible 2dr" - described as seating 4 with 5 suitcases. They booked a Mercedes SLK with Sixt, which is a 2 seater. It took 3 days and multiple calls and emails to geet this reservation cancelled, as they said there was no availability for the car as advertised.
    I then made a reservation directly with Sixt - same dates and location - for a "Premium Convertible 2dr", specifically a Mercedes E-Class - which has 4 seats. Such a ridiculous waste of time all round.
    Holiday Autos at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by djw
  • Excellent car, we got an upgrade so that was a nice surprise. Good service, very clear instructions on what to do in case of problems. Great, helpful staff. Would recommend. #
    Holiday Autos at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Susan
  • Swift easy service #
    Holiday Autos at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Richard
  • Excellent service and good car #
    Holiday Autos at Bari Airport
    Reviewed by Giovanni
  • Second time I've used holiday autos, and the second time I've arrived to my destination airport and not been able to get my car. First time they just didn't book it (xmas eve and no other car available from anywhere!), and this time they didn't tell me I would need my paper counterpart to my UK license - something I have never needed to hire a car in the past, anywhere.
    However, that said their willingness to fix the problems has been first class, and both times they covered costs of taxi, bus and a replacement alternative car albeit only the following day.
    If I thought they'd got their product sorted I would use them again, however I doubt I will, as I'd sooner have a guarantee that my hire car was waiting for me...
    Holiday Autos at Gatwick Airport
    Reviewed by nick
  • Great car. Helpful and pleasant personnel. Very satisfactory. #
    Holiday Autos at Perpignan Rail Station
    Reviewed by SML
  • Excellent efficient service, will definately use again. #
    Holiday Autos at Heathrow Airport
    Reviewed by Maxine Griffiths
  • everything was straight forward. had to point out an additional scatch on the car but the details were amended immediately. returning the car was also quick and easy. #
    Holiday Autos at Bristol Airport
    Reviewed by CMR
  • Great service - excellent booking in staff.

    Car was ready - a few dents on drivers door but already highlighted on form.

    I like the Full / Full policy - please keep this

    Many thanks
    Holiday Autos at Palma De Mallorca Airport
    Reviewed by Peter Harper
  • everything went to plan,no problems,good service,thank you for giving me a good start to my trip.will use again on my next trip to knock airport. #
    Holiday Autos at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by patrick oldham
  • very pleased with the replacment car and hope to use you again soon,Car was ready and nice and clean. Lady who took our booking was very good, Thanks #
    Holiday Autos at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by noel
  • Good value car but a bit of a pain as the site is away from the airport and the bus was slow to come round. When at the car hire warehouse everything was good #
    Holiday Autos at Fuerteventura Airport
    Reviewed by Dave w
  • Great value for money and also the cheapest I found even including the Excess waiver cost. Will use again!! #
    Holiday Autos at Luton Airport
    Reviewed by Susan Robertson

Holiday Autos rated 3/5 based on 76 customer reviews