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  • No trouble at all. Couldn't have been easier #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Gitte
  • The satnav would not switch to English instructions, and had not been updated to include new roads around the airport. #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Kenton White
  • The provider of the vehicle was Europcar, Billund, Denmark. The collection experience was not good, as there was a very long queue and only one assistant at work. This was the middle of a Saturday morning in the holidays. The procedure was very slow, and each collection took a long time. The Europcar assistant said that it had been just the same the previous Saturday. I estimate the the people in the rear of the queue would have been seen after an hours wait or more. Europcar could do with more automatic collection of personal details to speed up each job, and they deliberately chose to be undermanned at the reception desk, knowing full well that they had a big crowd of customers for collection from a single flight. Very poor. I have rated Auto Europe under this umbrella, as they must have some bearing on provision of decent customer treatment from their providers. I would go with Europcar again, but only as a last choice. #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Mrs H Cornell
  • Excellent service from the young lady who served us and a very good clean car. Return process quick and efficient. However, two points on collection. Firstly we had to wait nearly 30 minutes because one of the 2 people serving had gone to lunch and didn't come back for the rest of the day! Also, the rep tried to sell us satnav, which we declined and then found that our car had satnav in it anyway. Worth checking before you rent satnav. It meant we had to use it in French, but not difficult! #
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Andy H
  • I had an issue with the car, it was a brand new car with no oil in it!!!. The car dash started flashing on a Sunday in the middle of the country side. I called the company and they suggested to come back to their depot which was 8 hour drive from where I was. This has made me very stressed and had to hunt for the nearest gas station instead of enjoying my holiday. #
    Europcar at Oslo Gardermoen Airport
    Reviewed by Mohamed
  • everything went absolutely fine, and the car hire firm took us through all the usual stuff without any hassle.
    My only slight concern was that the list of minor scratches etc that were pre-printed on the form was very long, and would have taken us about 20 mins to verify before we checked for any missed ones. so we "gambled" that Europcar would not be difficult to deal with! In the event, no worries, but guess that hirers really do need to be aware of possible risks in this area.
    Overall, a really good hire experience!!
    Europcar at Moulins
    Reviewed by richard b
  • The service at the Europe Car desk was a little short of being fully informative, and a little short of being friendly. The vehicle was ready and nice, but when studying the smallprint in the contract later, we saw, that the inbuilt Sat-nav in the car was not supposed to be used, and that it was up to us to point out if it was not sealed on receiving the vehicle, and that they would charge 1900 kroner if it had been used. At no point had this been pointed out to us. As the Sat-nav was built-in this seems entirely unreasonable. There may thus equally be a charge for using the rear window wipers! The area for leaving the car on return was more than full, with nowhere to park, other than blocking in other cars from the same company. #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by BellaHen
  • Our whole experience was very straightforward from booking to pick up and return . Staff had excellent English and were extremely pleasant and helpful. #
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by DB
  • Very pleasant man on reception. Car was ready, very clean and perfectly dandy. Good experience. Desk not open on Sunday so just had to pop the keys in a box. No hassle. #
    Europcar at Dinard Airport
    Reviewed by Veronica
  • Good service and customer help #
    Europcar at Aberdeen Airport
    Reviewed by Shaun Pay
  • 1 way fee to drop off in Sydney almost doubled the rental - the basic price was very good. Speedy check in - I was diverted to the car park office. Check in took on board my minor scrape amendments and ignored a couple of small dents on return. No quibbles there. #
    Europcar at Brisbane Airport
    Reviewed by Philip Ladds
  • good service,
    good car,
    good value
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by js
  • very helpful lady at the counter. #
    Europcar at Bordeaux Railway Station
    Reviewed by Alan McQuade
  • Starightforward in terms of getting the car, relatively new car, clean, tidy, easy to drop off and pick up (especially given we had an out of office hours drop off). Good that the company had a bring back full fuel policy. #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by JAFW
  • I was concerned over the level of insurance I would get. It said 3rd party in the contract. I called Car Del Mar who said it was fully comprehensive but did not cover the first 800 Euro. On collection Eurocar was ambiguous about the level of insurance but I had taken out the deposit protection from a UK insurer. I think Car Del Mar should make things clearer about insurance - no one in their right mind would take out only 3rd party insurance on a hire car - would they??? The car was ready but considering all was paid it took a long time to go through the paperwork!. Car fuel was empty - should have been full so we had to go back; also minor scratches on wing mirrors that we had to report. #
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Mike
  • Felt a bit ripped off. #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Richard Grant
  • Very helpful staff. #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Kesavan
  • Had no problems #
    Europcar at Zell Am See
    Reviewed by Paul Davison
  • everything was ready for us when we arrived. Desk staff very helpful and proffessional #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by mike skinner
  • Everything was top class #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Holtz
  • Only took about 20 minutes at the reservations desk in the airport, directions to where the car was could have been a bit clearer. Car was ready for me when I got there, it was also the exact model that I requested and in excellent condition, something that does not always happen when hiring a car in Spain, I will definitely use again. #
    Europcar at Malaga Airport
    Reviewed by John
  • Car was booked with Europcar, but could not find it as directed in the Europcar parking area, eventually found it in the Avid area. #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Simon Cowell
  • The queue to book in to collect the car was short, and our rental was processed very efficiently. The car was ready and waiting, and was spotless. Return of the car was handled equally well, too. Overall an excellent experience and would certainly use this company again. #
    Europcar at Zurich Airport
    Reviewed by Prof Malcolm Woollard
  • The car was good, but the staff were rather unhelpful. #
    Europcar at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Kevin McGlynn
  • Great service, great car, overall very pleased.
    The car was brand new and in excellent condition. The Eurocar were excellent as always and ready for me when I arrived.
    Overall a great experience which I would not hesitate to recommend.
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by P. Verdeaux
  • Great customer service and a car was waiting for us to pickup when we arrived. We actually received a better car than we requested so we were very happy with that. #
    Europcar at Bologna Airport
    Reviewed by JJ
  • Received a Hyundai IX35 as my vehicle. The car was ready and in good condition. However, the storage space is limited - much less than in our own i30 SW, and the seats not particularly comfortable. The car is extremely unstable in cross-winds on motorways. It may be acceptable in cities, but after driving home down the coast, my arms and shoulders were aching with the effort of trying to keep the car in a straight line. This was never a problem with the previous model we hired, the Tucson. Perhaps the 4x4 version is better as it's likely to be heavier. I would think that a family of 3 or 4 would struggle with luggage space. #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by M Nelson
  • No problems. Would have liked the additional driver at no extra cost but that's a lease issue I suppose #
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Tony
  • I am absolutely furious.
    When I got into Brittany as a female traveller alone I was left with no money.
    The guy at Europcar took my card and blocked 300 euros then proceeded to inform me that I couldn't have the car due to using a Debit card and not a credit card.
    So I never got the car and paid 600 euros in taxis and he blocked my money in my bank account.
    I went to the bank yesterday and the funds have still not been returned.
    So I have paid for a car I NEVER had and extra Insurance and had NO money on me.

    I will NEVER use this company again and I am in the middle of a complaint send to EUROPCAR
    Europcar at Dinard Airport
    Reviewed by dawn poole
  • service was excellent, both at collection and dropping off #
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by willie L


    Europcar at Geneva Airport
    Reviewed by Ceri Morgan
  • As I have used Eurocar before at Limoges Airport, the staff are very pleasant and helpful.
    The only thing I would say could be improved and I have said this before is -- they know which flight is arriving as it is on the booking but when you arrive you have to take your luggage and go and find the car by it,s registration on a car park over 200mtr,s away. Then come back if there is any problems (which this time there was). There were quite a few scratches on body and wheels and the tank was not full --all of which I reported.
    The point is -- why can the vehicle not be outside so that it can be checked and returned to same?
    Certainly poor if it is raining.
    I am using the airport again at the end of February, but I doubt anything will change!
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Alan heath
  • Good car / very good price #
    Europcar at Bari Airport
    Reviewed by Giovanni
  • Ordered a small car but got a much bigger one - Europcar staff at airport were efficient. Car was a bit harder to park etc and being a petrol was quite thirsty. Car had winter tyres which we had not requested but would not say no to. Car had 9000km on the clock a few scratches on the bodywork and a broken radio antenna. No arguements about the scratches and condition yet (Hertz tried to sue me 6 months after a rental once). #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by Submariners Wife
  • All excellent and would definitely use again if need arises - we dont often hire a car in Switzerland #
    Europcar at Zurich Airport
    Reviewed by PEB
  • Slightly over long collection procedure other wise a good experience. Car as ordered. In good condition and clean. #
    Europcar at Cape Town Airport
    Reviewed by Antony
  • Great value and easy transaction.
    Good car that was ready and clean when we collected
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Dave
  • Delay in money being held was a pain but otherwise a brill experience. #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by WLADYSLAW
  • car ready vehicle in good condition company very good #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by edward greenan

  • No problems and hassle free
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by CPW
  • Collection company very good. The member of staff who served me even braved the rain to deliver the bag that I left in their office. Well done to that young lady at Europecar!!! #
    Europcar at Manchester Airport
    Reviewed by Jackson
  • The car provider was very efficient meaning I was served promptly, explanation completed well, no hard sell on extras and the young lady even ran out with the bag I left in the rain to ensure I did not lose it. #
    Europcar at Manchester Airport
    Reviewed by Paul Jackson
  • everything ok #
    Europcar at Billund Airport
    Reviewed by rm
  • Great car easy to book and simple process for the whole hire #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Brad crane
  • Europcar are really useless. A long queue developed at Zurich Airport, I was 5th and it still took 40 mins to get my car. Behind me people will have taken over an hour. #
    Europcar at Zurich Airport
    Reviewed by ian
  • Due to an accident and subsequent 3-hour tailback on the North Circular route towards the airport, I missed my Saturday flight and had to rebook for Sunday. I phoned the agency, got a very helpful and efficient response, and they notified the supplier that I'd be arriving the following day.

    Excellent service, the small car (Twingo) was great, quite new and zippy.

    Would have been nice to have a clean windscreen (inside) and maybe a few quid off the hire for 18 hour delay! And the charges for filling up (Geant pumps are a bit confusing - however, can't blame Europcar for that) are REALLY REALLY HIGH. Be warned! .
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by TA
  • The car was ready for collection on our arrival and in good condition. However, the petrol station we were told to fill up at near the airport was closed on our return as it was a Sunday Morning. This has resulted in extra charges for refueling the car, which we had not budgeted for. On our arrival at the airport to hand the car back, the desk was not manned ane we just had to post our car keys through a letter box. As we were unable to refuel as requested it would have been helpful if someone had been there for us to explain the situation to and perhaps have avoided the extra cost of refueling. I am sure that the company would have know that this petrol station would be closed on the Sunday. #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by RMP
  • Really good, easy and hassle free. Thanks #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by tanya thorne
  • Good no problem ! #
    Europcar at Eastbourne
    Reviewed by Syed Kassim
  • Good Service #
    Europcar at Knock Airport
    Reviewed by David Cawley
  • Rented this car after my own broke down in the Dordogne. As this was mid july everthing local was already out. More expensive than I was used to but as it was peak holiday season probably not unreasonable.

    Easy to use service it was fortunate I had internet facilities so it was extremely easy to book.

    Car was new, spotlessly clean and formalities were very simple
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Andy
  • We requested a Peugeot 207 but got a Kangoo (bigger) instead for no additional cost. #
    Europcar at Limoges Airport
    Reviewed by Kate
  • All went smoothly at the airport pick up point, the only problem being damage on the car that wasn't listed on the cars damage list.The car however was clean inside and out and was reliable and gave no cause for complaint. #
    Europcar at Carcassonne Airport
    Reviewed by Peter Allsop
  • I have been charged extra and do not know why - I've tried to email and received no response.

    Poor service.
    Europcar at Pisa Airport
    Reviewed by O Richards

Europcar rated 3/5 based on 54 customer reviews