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  • Argus overall was good #
    Argus at Palma De Mallorca Airport
    Reviewed by Kristina 01 September 16
  • The car was fine and I had no problems with the booking. The rental price was reasonable given it was peak season. My comment would be having rented cars in Mallorca a number of times, that the price that is advertised on the booking is rarely the price you actually end up paying. Even if you reject the hard sell on the insurance products (lots of scaremongering as the included insurance if you don't take the additional cover is barely sufficient to cover legal requirements, doesn't always include breakdown recovery and the excesses are eye watering) I paid something like 90 euros (refundable) for a tank of fuel (the rental was advertised as pick up full drop off full), and some random and rather outrageous surcharges which I believe were for the car being a diesel (!) and it being a nearly new vehicle. It seems like the rental companies operate by advertising low prices on comparison sites like this one and then seeing what else they can get away with charging once you are a captive audience on arrival. #
    Goldcar at Palma De Mallorca Airport
    Reviewed by Peter 23 August 15
  • We hired a Fiat Panda, ideal for two and some of the mountain roads. Decent car with no damage. Being offsite we were taken by minibus to their site. Very big queue to collect car regulated by a ticket system, we were lucky as a lady waiting for her son gave us her ticket. We were asked if we wanted no excess by paying 60 Euros but we had already bought separately. Had to pay 79 Euros for full tank of petrol which seemed a lot but to be fair we were given money back as the car was not returned empty. #
    Centauro at Palma De Mallorca Airport
    Reviewed by AJP 28 June 15
  • The only complaint I have is that the vehicle collection procedure was not not completed in yhe arrivals hall of Palma airport, as was stated in the original booking process. My group included two ladies who had required special assistance in boarding the aircraft, wheelchairs being required. Because of the belief that the car collection process was to take place in the arrivals hall I had assumed that I would collect the car and then return to arrivals and collect my passengers. As it turned out the Budget/Avis desk I had to use was at least 400 metres away in a sepetate car park and since we were not sure of where it was my co-travellers had to accompany me to this desk, taking our luggage with us. This was most unsatisfactory, compounded by the fact that by the time we reached the desk there was a queue which required a one hour wait before we could collect our car. Value for money as far as the hire of the car was concerned, no doubt. I would, however,think twice about believing what is said about the desk location on your website, and I would definitely avoid a booking requiring walking to the car-hire offices located in the car park. #
    Argus at Palma De Mallorca Airport
    Reviewed by J.S.B. 14 July 13
  • No problems at all,we also had a decent size 5seater car with lots of luggage room, will use again. #
    Centauro at Palma De Mallorca Airport
    Reviewed by Mr coates 24 May 13
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  • Great service - excellent booking in staff. Car was ready - a few dents on drivers door but already highlighted on form. I like the Full / Full policy - please keep this Many thanks #
    Holiday Autos at Palma De Mallorca Airport
    Reviewed by Peter Harper 03 April 12

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