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  • All good apart from a 45 minute wait at the Interent desk #
    Auto Europe at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Petra Lawrence 12 April 17
  • Our car was ready when we arrived & it was fully valeted & Filled with diesel. The staff were very friendly & with a clear explanation of our options with regard to insurance etc we were quickly on our way. The car was virtually new having only 3000 km on the clock when we hired it & I have to say for the 800 km we traveled over the days we had the car it was a pleasure to drive. It was also easy to locate where we had to return the car at Toulouse Airport. car #
    Goldcar at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Ian Hudson 10 September 16
  • We have had some bad experiences in the past and one of those was with Thrifty - However on this occasion for some reason Hertz looked after the process and it was extremely professional and stress- free which made a change! #
    Thrifty at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Phil James 04 January 16
  • I had asked for a Fiat 500 but what we got was an Opel! But there were Fiat 500s parked up so I don't know why we weren't given one. So that was a disappointment. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Thermalking 04 September 15
  • All went very smoothly. I was well received at Toulouse Airport and was efficiently and professionally dealt with. #
    Sixt at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Alan Caldow 11 July 15
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  • Very good all round experience; Car ready and picked up fairly quickly with a very friendly and helpful guy behind the desk. Very happy with Firefly and would use again. One minor point was that windscreen washers did not work - possibly just out of fluid, but since we did not need them it was of little consequence #
    Firefly at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Bryan 27 May 15
  • Location of the hire car office at Toulouse airport was not very clear also Auto Europe did not point out that the car should be returned cleaned. Apart from that important point everything else was fine. #
    Auto Europe at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by jrmd 19 March 15
  • Whilst the car was fine and I received and returned it without any problems, the car was not initially ready (I was pressed to accept an automatic when I had ordered a manual) and neither was the paperwork. The whole point of pre-booking on-line was to ensure that everything was ready yet I waited around half an hour before getting my car, despite being second in the queue. #
    Citer at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by CPW 12 March 15
  • Lovely car to drive, all details explained thoroughly at the desk, no complications experienced. #
    Interrent at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by jennie 13 October 14
  • All went smoothly. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by D L 12 August 14
  • Very good service #
    Car Del Mar at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Grayo 31 March 14
  • Nice car, very fuel efficient. #
    Argus at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Ellie Lessels 31 March 14
  • Car was ready and in excellent condition. Checking in was very slow and even thought there was a long queue the staff did not work with any sense of urgency #
    National at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Mikel Lee 17 December 13
  • I was not happy to receive a bill for mileage-that wasn't clear to me when I rented the car-so what looked a bargain at £200 turned into a VERY expensive seven days #
    Citer at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by M 05 December 13
  • The car was ready when we arrived and the car hire rep was very helpful. Unfortunately the car had not been washed and was very dirty - it made it difficult to tell what were stone chips and was were bits of dirt. The windscreen washer bottle was also empty - something we only found out once we had driven away. However, the car (a Hyundai) was a pleasure to drive. #
    Citer at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by PS 12 September 13
  • Although a bit of a novice to this car hire malarkey everything was pretty straight forward. Did call the customer service line with a query and this was efficiently dealt with. It was made clear where and how to collect my vehicle so hard to fault. The car was clean, ready and virtually brand new and the staff at the collection desk were most helpful. The whole collection process only took about 5 mins. #
    Argus at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by C S Woodman 10 August 13
  • Fire Fly at Toulose (booked through Holiday Auto's) 1) You are not told the car hire place is not situated inside the airport so you need to drag your family and cases the 5/10 min walk in the heat. Not ideal. 2) Waiting time was ridiculous, nearly an hour. 3) Car supplied had air con not working - in 35C again not quality checked beforehand. 4) All in all it took over 3 hours to get sorted and on our way. Although the people on the desk were friendly/efficient - the overall service was not. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Andrew Dugdale 09 August 13
  • All went smoothly and efficiently; and the car was clean and excellent in every way. No problems. Overall, a good experience. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by David Kidner 07 August 13
  • Excellent service. Easy to pick up and drop off at Toulouse Airport. #
    Sixt at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Mark Dimond 01 August 13
  • Good, very competitive price. Easy administration. The car was better than expected - and in perfect (near new) condition. #
    Car Del Mar at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Phillips 25 July 13
  • No queue on arrival or return - car ready and waiting - no hassle about selling extras or being picky about fuel readings or damage on return - I always take photographs anyway. #
    Auto Europe at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Phil Ladds 23 July 13
  • Good prompt service at airport, problem free car hire with good MPH #
    Auto Europe at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by i white 14 July 13
  • Once we had discovered that we had to go to the Enterprise desk at Toulouse airport, which also had "Citer France", as directed in the booking confirmation instructions and which was displayed but not prominently we were fine. The desk were extremely helpful and advised us of an upgrade to our vehicle. We were given a Renault Clio diesel estate with sat nav, all of which was very helpful. However, the sat nav was not straight forward to set up as we could not locate the language selector and the member of staff in the parking area did not have a clue either. In fact they thought we had not paid for the sat nav and therefore it was not available. With the help of a member of a younger member of the party we got the sat nav working and it was excellent. All in all the car was new, clean and efficient and the return process very straight forward. Hence the high rating. #
    Citer at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by David Baron 14 July 13
  • The provider of the vehicle (Citer) were not very friendly and not very efficient; - they originally saiud because our flight was 5 hours late and we hadn't contacted them they couldn't guarantee us the car we had booked. We booked a 7 seater Galaxy as there were 6 of us. However they did provide a Galaxy without any hassle so why make it a point of discussion. There was no where obvious where it said they needed to be advised of a delay in order to secure the car. - They pre-populated the documentation I had to complete therefore making me have to ask questions about all the things I had "declined". There was no explanation about what insurance was included in order to ensure we had everything covered. - They didn't provide a check of the car with us upon collection to review the car for any damages which leaves the issue of any damage which is discovered after we have returned the car to them and returned home very contentious. All in all poor service and support from the provider. I would rate them 1/5 using your scale above. we are unlikely to use this option again unless it is with a different provider. This is a pity as Holiday Auto's were good value and professional. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Gary Brownhill 12 July 13
  • Every Think was ok #
    Avis at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Mario veloza 02 July 13
  • I was disappointed with Eurocar (National), the provider of the car. The queue at the airport was extremely long. I waited for 55 minutes in the queue before I was served. There were only 2 people on the desk who were working very hard and were polite. The car was in excellent condition. Returning the car was fast and very efficient. #
    National at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Robert Stewart 17 June 13
  • The service was excellent via Enterprise and the Hyundai i10 was an ideal car four our needs. #
    Holiday Autos at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by David Baron 16 June 13
  • Car not as described in offer #
    Argus at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Ged 13 June 13
  • There was a bit of white dust on the back end, otherwise fine. I managed to knock off the nearside wing mirror. For this, I was charged â?¬496.85, which seems a bit steep for an Alfa Guiletta. #
    Budget at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Donald 05 June 13
  • The car was good, but the staff were rather unhelpful. #
    Europcar at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Kevin McGlynn 04 June 13
  • No problems to contend with, so no opinion of competence of Auto Europe other than that booking was made and was effective. Car good (but rear windscreen wiper missing: not noticed in advance by either provider or myself, but no problem in reporting it on return). Provider desk at Toulouse airport (Enterprise/CITER) staffed on arrival by only one person and therefore very slow. #
    Auto Europe at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by PMK 28 May 13
  • Car was available, clean and ready for use but the condition was stated as 'no damage' which was not true. #
    Citer at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by skn 16 May 13
  • Great car, excellent service. Very good value for money. Returning next month and will have same car again. #
    Auto Europe at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by SG 23 April 13
  • Always best rates and very responsive service when a change is needed - thanks #
    Citer at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Phil Ladds 20 April 13
  • Collected from Avis - very quick, vehicle had a few marks on it, no problem having these recorded, good service. #
    Avis at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Mark Bowen 08 February 13
  • No problems with Argus but on picking up car from Europcar hire all seemed too complicated. Security deposits, insurances etc all seemed to make me feel like LOTS of money would be coming off my credit card. In the end a car hire i thought would cost less than £200 ended up £280 overall with deposits insurances etc. Not good, lets make it more simple and clear as to what final costs will be.Car was ready, but not parked in the right slot. A warning light was on but on asking one of the carhire staff I was told to ignore it for the week! #
    Argus at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Bertie 05 October 12
  • easy to find co also return young lady @ reception perfect in every way a asset to your co. #
    Alamo at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by robert smith 23 August 12
  • We got a Chevrolet Spark, which was pretty much the cheapest car we could find, as we knew we wouldn't be using it much, and didn't have all that far to go. We could have opted for a Ford Ka, but I chose the Chevy, having never driven one. It was in good condition, and very low mileage. It did what we asked of it, but wasn't much fun to drive. The pick-up and drop-off went very smoothly, and the Hertz people were very helpful and professional. #
    Hertz at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by Steve Allen 31 July 12
  • a proper confirmation email - showing details of the booking - would have been extremely helpful at time of booking, rather than just a reference number. the queue at the desk at the airport was long and slow (~40 minutes). the woman who served us was very pleasant and helpful and the car was ready and a short walking distance away from the terminus. the car was fine - a bit bashed, but ran well adn fuel efficient. Why do hired cars never contain a manual? - for instance, the controls for the window wipers and headlights were quite complicated. it wasn't particularly cheap. #
    Hertz at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by JD 23 July 12
  • All went well after a bit of a wait on pickup. #
    Hertz at Toulouse Airport
    Reviewed by David 22 July 12

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