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  • The car hire price was good but when I went to pick up the car I was given a very hard sale about additional insurance required which would virtually double the price of the car hire or pay over 1,500 euro's to cover any scratches or dents and that it could take up to 8 weeks to get the money back, which would obviously incur charges if on a credit card, in the end I didn't take it and I got my money back within a week but I can see a lot of people paying the extra meaning they would have been one of the more expensive rentals, all in all I won't be renting from them again. #
    Argus at Bordeaux Airport
    Reviewed by RH 12 April 17
  • I have hired cars in France at Bordeaux Airport over the last nine years. This was my first time having a daily limit for mileage , this was not clearly highlighted when booking although I was well within the limit it still made me very conscientious during my holiday resulting in not being able to fully relax. #
    Interrent at Bordeaux Airport
    Reviewed by Danny Meenan 27 August 14
  • as usual there was a with of approx 30 minutes at the car hire desk. quick and clean check out once served though. Drop off was a real issue and Im glad you asked me to review it! I was able to select Agen airport (La Garrene) as a drop off location. We decided to drop the car off earlier than necessary as we had no need of it and what a good job we did! The air port consisted of a check in desk (one) an entrance, an exit and approximately 4 waiting seats. I was searching for a while for a hertz desk but there was one desk that was totally unmanned. Two pilots were loitering and they told me that had i come an hour later (my planned drop off time) the airport would have been locked up. There is no facility at all to drop off keys and I had to leave the keys behind the unmanned desk in the keen hope that the right person would receive them at the correct time. RIDICULOUS! I'm a worrier and don't like to leave things open like this as we've all heard the stories of how things like this can go very wrong! My husband who was picking me up was less inclined to worry and encouraged me to leave the keys. Fortunately, all was ok although we've yet to receive the petrol bill ( I sadly couldn't find a petrol station that was open on a sunday afternoon that didn't require a 'Carte Bleu' ). I really think that Hertz needs to address the issue of the terribly organised car hire desk at Agen Airport. When you hire a car you expect that there would at least be a safety deposit box at the drop off point for the keys. Should the airport have been shut (which I am advised it can often be if it has no planes arriving or departing) then the only option I would have had would have been to leave the keys in the car in the un-marked car park! Maybe it shouldn't be registered as locate for hire?drop off if it is so poorly serviced? #
    Hertz at Bordeaux Airport
    Reviewed by J Ratcliffe 28 August 13
  • Quick & efficient service at Styx. Car clean & in good condition #
    Sixt at Bordeaux Airport
    Reviewed by Keith 12 August 13
  • False advertising - when we arrived to pick up our pre-bookd car, we were informed that they did not have availability in the category that we had pre-booked and pre-paid. Unsatisfactory attempts to resolve the issue and no clarity regarding refund of price difference in category paid for and the category we had to take. The employee at the deswk was dis-interested in helping to sort out the problem. Can understand that rental companies may not be able to offer a specific car but should be able to offer a car in the pre-booked category ... otherwise - false advertising! Will not be using Argus again. #
    Argus at Bordeaux Airport
    Reviewed by JF 16 July 12

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