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  • Very good customer service and relatively inexpensive. The desk was a little hard to find at the airport. #
    Argus at Vienna Airport
    Reviewed by Yoav 21 October 14
  • Holiday Autos are one of the worst companies I have ever had the misfortune of using!... their prices are so great that as a regular hire car user I have been tempted by them 3 times in the last 2 years. On every occasion the experience has been unbelievibly poor in every single aspect of the companies operations. My first experience using them was from Sienna airport it became apparent that the hire car place was no where near the airport, there were no signs to it and not speaking any italian I was unable to find it. Calling Holiday Autos proved next to useless as they also did not know where it was either - eventually I found it with the help of one of the 'real' hire car places. Now 2 hours late for my meeting I then discovered that they had not been told of the GPS I had requested via Holiday Autos and so I had to use my iphone at vast cost to get to my destination. My second experience, using them from Ankara airport, resulted in us waiting 3 hours to be picked up by some random stranger in front of the airport to be driven to a Shell petrol station forecourt where we were introduced to our car - no check in place and again they had not been informed of the GPS request - Calling Holiday Auto's to provide us with some backup to ensure we recieved the GPS we had already paid Holiday Autos for proved useless with them quickly telling us that they could not be responsible for the hire car companies actions. We were left having to pay the local company for a GPS we had already bought. Having sworn never to use them again I was tempted back when traveling from Vienna airport as their hire car partner was actually based in the airport (the very pleasant Mega Drive) - what could go wrong I thought! I arrived to find that Holiday Autos had taken payment from my card twice (I had never been made aware that they had taken my money and wonder if they ever would have told me had I not contacted them). As a result their computer system had got confused and had not sent the voucher to the hire car company so the car could not be released. After several angry calls with them dodging responsibility and saying they could not get the vouher to the company until tomorrow even thought i was on a 1 day hire! they emailed it over (first to the wrong address as they didn't have the correct one on their system). In the meatime I had racked up a load of expense on mobile phone calls to them and had eaten expensive airport food whilst waiting for them to get the voucher over. now 3 hours late I was left with a 45minute meeting time before having to return back to the airport for my flight. I can simply not understand what can be so complex about setting up hire car reservations but one thing is for sure that Holiday Auto's are the last people to have mastered the art - one word describes them and their operations - pathetic. If like me you simply can't resist their prices, remember to factor in the cost of extra gps's, taxi journerys, international roaming charge, unforseen subsistence and extensive delays before comparing them to the prices from a 'real' hire car company. PS - I given them 1/5 here simply because there is no option for 0/5 which is actually what they deserve #
    Holiday Autos at Vienna Airport
    Reviewed by Benjamin Peak 28 July 13

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